Monday, July 8, 2013

Support Teams

Often we need a hand.  When we work to become the leaders we know we can be, the hands that reach towards you are many and often from surprising areas.

This past week, a client suffered a setback in their plan.  By focusing on the core issue (after venting and eliminating the toxic energy of anger, hurt and disappointment) we looked at how to resolve the core and made a list of who could help either directly or indirectly.

By doing this, and send out a short message with a clearly stated focus sentence, literally - within 5 minutes, responses of support, ideas, or other connections and actual help were coming back to them.  Over the next 3 days, solid decisions could be made on how to move forward and change the downward trajectory into a definite positive step forward.

Talking at the end of the week as a recap, we looked at the power of building a solid network and the support that can come from it when you least expect it and most need it.  This support team is built by face-to-face relationship building and ongoing communication.  Does this mean you need to be in everyone's face everyday?  Certainly not.  This is about taking time to learn about people.  Letting yourself be open to allowing others to get to know you as well as being open enough to provide support to others as well.

It was a tough week - lots of worrying.  At the end, the lesson is in the support team - who is on yours? And whose are you on?


Ed Roach said...

Great message Lora. Many in businesses are reluctant to reach out. I can't decide if it's skepticism or they don't recognize that they need help.

Anonymous said...

I think it's both - perhaps because needing support may be construed as a sign of weakness when in fact it is courageous and open-minded. Thanks for the note Ed!