Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It has been a long 6 weeks - weeks that were filled with preparation for a number of great events and opportunities.  I am surprised at what they have taken out of me....or more importantly, what I was able to put in and learn.

Starting from May 1st up until June 3rd I focused on executing 3 major events - 2 in which I was the host, 1 in which I was a participant.  Sounds like nothing, you would think.  Well, here are some key learnings:

  • expect the unexpected - a plan is critical including timelines, people accountability and dress rehearsals
  • overpreparation is needed - this helps to keep everyone on track and enable decision-making without having to guess
  • people will surprise you - in more ways than one....some will be ready with generous hearts, hands and wallets while others will assume you will take care of anything and everything
  • go with the flow - not allowing others to hijack your spirit and energy is a clear message - stuff is going to happen, let it and work with it
  • be ready for criticism - you do things your way, others will do things their way - that is okay.
  • be grateful - if offered help, take it...reward generosity with a 'yes, please & thanks'.
  • enjoy the moments - take time to stop and watch, observe and absorb....you will be amazed at what you see happening around you
  • what they don't know, won't hurt - if something did not go exactly as planned, you are the only one who knows this....don't worry.
And I was exhausted.  It took my son to tell me how long I have been operating on a new level without stopping. He gave me permission to pause.  Now that I am rested, I find that I can still operate at that new level while at the same time making time for me.

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