Friday, June 21, 2013

the 2nd half

Say what you want, this guy is not waiting for the 2nd half to begin before he gets fired up and ready to go.  He knows his game.  He knows the plays.  He knows his competition.  He knows who is on his team and how to play & win with the team he has.  He has no excuses.  He is all game.

How about you?
June is over, July is on it's way.
Are you fired up?  Do you have a plan and know where you are going?
Do you know your game?  What you do well? What you need to delegate?
Do you know your plays? Have you eliminated what does not work?
Have you evaluated your competition? Gotten to know them?  What they do well? What they do better than you do? What they need you to help them with?
Does your team understand the mission & vision?  Is the team ready to win?  Do they have the tools and training and stamina to get to the end of the year? To play the next half without a rest?
Have you eliminated all the excuses? Have you removed all obstacles? Have you created an environment where decision-making on the fly is rewarded and recognized?
Are you all game?

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