Friday, June 14, 2013

How Did I Get Here?

It's here, my new website has been operational for 6 months.  A milestone.
Now, it is time to start driving some traction through LinkedIn and the Company pages - visit me here and follow what's going on .

With 6 months under my belt with the new business name I have found focus and more ease around priorities.  And business continues to shift in new directions.  Funny enough, it is going more in the direction I want it to, than straying in odd 'shiny-object' directions.

How did I get here?  Here are some things that have happened:

  1. I have become more focused by working more on listening to what my clients needs are.
  2. I have focused on saying NO and aligning with my competencies (the main reason I started this business)
  3. I am reading, A LOT!
  4. I am searching for new tools & sharing them with my clients and others to help them.
  5. I am focused on business...working ON it as well as IN it.  
  6. I have planned time for projects - giving myself 1 appointment-free week per month to maintain and develop my business as well as work on client projects.
  7. I de-clutter my head - thanks to Dr. Henry Cloud, I brain-dump regularly so that I can see everything in front of me, enabling me to 'bucket' and focus.
  8. I have outsourced some work - if my time is better spent elsewhere, that is where I spend it
  9. I take time off - enjoy stay-cation weekends with my family & friends
  10. I take time for me - running or walking or reading (other than business-related books)
What have you done in the last 6 months that has caused some serious changes to you, your business or how you do business?

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