Monday, April 15, 2013

Be All In

Each year for the past 4 I have hosted a leadership development event in my community in partnership with Giant Impact and hundreds of other sites around the world.  This year is no different, and we are into the 30 day countdown.

There are always a great deal of preparations and to-do's. I would not get as far as I am without the help of an advisory team that comes up with great connections, super ideas and refreshing energy that helps to keep me focused and lead the entire group forward. To them I am truly grateful.

Each year, we are surprised by the selection of leaders that take the stage. I did not recognize one speaker this year LCDR Rorke Denver is scheduled to speak.  He released a book in February entitled 'Damn Few' - I spent time this weekend reading it.  It was awesome...and for many reasons:

  • this is not normally the type of book I read - not into military issues from a book perspective, more from the news.
  • it was human - he is a person, an individual, a fine arts major, a dad, a warrior, and a leader
  • it made me cry - read the words he would send to his daughters and you will too
  • it was about family - his blood and his brotherhood
  • the words connected the dots from who he is to how he leads
Of course - there are always lessons in any book you read. And if you are like me, I read some over and over again and find new meanings each time (because it is what I need at that time). My takeaways are this:
  1. Be ALL IN - no matter what you choose to do, be all in - head, heart, hands and feet - engaged, focused and ready to learn.
  2. Plan and prepare - be so practiced that it becomes second nature....ask all the questions, go through all the scenarios and then take action, being ready to shift on the fly as the scenarios pop up
This is life. This is for business.  This is for family.  This is for always.

Come out to the Leadercast on May 10, 2013.  You can buy tickets for the Windsor Essex Leadercast at or call 519-745-6820.

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