Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mindset Change

Change is an action and a mindset.  Implementing action is one part of the equation, getting the mindset to change is another completely.  Focusing first on the mind, then the physical change can sometimes be less taxing because you will better understand the reasoning behind the change and why your actions need to take place.  How do you inspire a change in mindset?
  1. Listen - before all else listen and learn what the change holds for your team, or yourself.  'What's in it for me?' is the first question that will go through the minds of those with whom you are discussing the change.  Get that down first.
  2. Link - be able to articulate the change and link the change to all people involved - all stakeholders - from leaders, team members, shareholders, customers and even the community.  By articulating how the change can effect everyone, the idea that this change is singularly focused on a particular area or individual is mitigated.
  3. Understand - be able to provide examples of the change - direct examples of how each area would be impacted and the positive outcomes that will occur with the change. (Go back to listen to the roadblocks that will come up with this discussion and work together to develop plans to eliminate the roadblocks)
  4. Believe - be confident in the change, or do not make it.  Without confidence you will not get buy-in..others will see it as impossible.
  5. Seek - search for the one positive communicator who can help you share your message - an early-adopter.  They can also provide insight into the negative thoughts of others and how to overcome that negativity.
  6. Act - repeated behaviour gets remembered.  As the leader, model the way.  (If it is your mind that is having trouble getting around the change, try it - it will need to happen eventually and working through the process yourself will help you see the roadblocks that could appear for others along the way, helping you to develop ways to support your team)
What changes have you made recently that started with your mind and led to your actions?  How did you role this out to your team?

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