Monday, November 7, 2011

The Learnings

Interesting how kids interpret your work.  My son spent the day with me on Take Your Kids to Work day and he did learn a few things.

He decided that I spend too much time at the computer - and that I need someone to talk things out with on a regular basis because I would keep reading him things I wrote and ask what he thought.

He believes that I collect too many business cards and know too many people - after looking at LinkedIn with me and seeing how I use this social network to build my brand.

He also thinks that it is pretty cool that I can be flexible with my schedule and got to go for a run in the late morning because the weather was awesome - and yes, he did get to play Xbox while I was out.

Most importantly, he learned that you can do what you love and still earn a living and find balance with everything - a routine is not necessarily something that happens at the same time everyday - that work gets done due to effort and passion....not a simple checklist.

It was fun - he even investigated a few things for his own career.....imagine that!


kayroz9 said...

We can learn so much when We allow a fresh set of eyes to see. As we teach our children, they in turn teach us.

Lora Crestan said...

It is so true - other eyes provide other perspectives...and somehow, children have a way of seeing and saying that really puts it all together.