Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The T's of Leadership

Trustworthy-can keep confidences locked up, holds the keys

Touching- thoughtful

Track record-proven

Teamwork- insists on it, lives it, breathes it


Talk-can do it well, also listens

Target-has numbers to meet and executes to do so

Teach-works with others to help them learn

Tenacious-hangs on when needed, does not give up

Thank you-shows gratitude often

Think-uses their brain, engaged with their heart

Thoughtful-thinks of others, takes time to reflect, contemplate

Thrive-is happy and excited to work

Time-spends it as efficiently as possible, makes space in their day for others

Total-commitment level

Tough-gets through things, makes the hard decisions, has the difficult conversations

Treasure-is one

Transparent-same person in every role

Truth-lives and breathes it

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