Monday, November 22, 2010

The S's of Leadership

Smart- uses the resources available

Sincere-you can trust what they say

Servant-serves others through leadership

Sound-solid judgement

Social-takes part in activities in the organization and community to get to know others, build relationships, provide support

Selfless-puts others first

Say-has one, listens to others

Steps-measured goal setter

Storyteller-knows the culture and repeats the stories to ensure it endures, tells own story to help others grow, is an active participant in the story of others

Strive- looks for excellence, to grow, get better

Sacrifice-makes them, helps others understand them


Seeds-sows and reaps, cultivates others

Self-esteem-not lacking and uplifting

Significant-makes a contribution

Skills-uses all they have

Spirit-giving, inspiring, good-natured, encourages the spirit of others

Stability-provides this to others and the organization

Stamina-goes the distance and them some

Straightforward-does not dance around the truth, honest

Stretch-works tom push beyond reach

Studious-always a student of business, community, family, life

Suggest-looks for ways to share ideas but is not overly attached to them

Succession plan-ready to help others grow, looking for their own replacement

Success-wants it for the organization, the stakeholders and finally, understands that it is measured in so many different ways

Support-provides it for others

Sure- confident

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