Monday, November 15, 2010

The P's of Leadership

Practical -thinks in terms of what is required by all

Persistent-works through issues to resolution

Productive-gets things done

Pro-active-looks ahead to see obstacles and prepare in advance

Peak performance- in good shape, mentally ready to perform

Passionate-focused and fired up

Possible-thinks anything can be done

Perspective-keeps focused on reality

Peace-quiet time to reflect, also keeps calm in sticky situations

Perceptive-can read people, events

Play-takes time out for fun, also has fun at work

Positive-looks on the bright side...

Power-understands that leadership brings responsibility to get things done

Potential-has room to grow and realizes that others do to

Promote-looks for succession planning, ability to move others ahead

Promise- his word is his bond

Push- moves ahead, projects, people, agendas, organizations

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