Monday, November 1, 2010

The I's of Leadership

Intelligent -has a solid grasp, speaks well, writes well
Inner voice-has one and listens to it
Inviting-ready with an approachable demeanor
Innovative-experimental, looks for new or next steps
Inspire-helps others motivate themselves with words, actions and presence
Intertwined-like destiny, all parts of the leader's life is intertwined
Integrity-act with it always, the basis of their value structure
Ideas -always flowing, always listening to them, the master at putting the ideas that come together Imagine-likes to use their imagination and visualize, dream, describe, excite
Important-is needed but not irreplaceable, knows where they fit and why, knows others have meaning and contribution too
Improve-looks to continuously get better
Incredible-just marvelous, sometimes unbelievable
Industrious-works hard
Influence-by words and actions, can have people do the right things right Initiative-starts on their own Interested-engaged, wants to play a part, included
Intuition-follows their gut feelings
Invested-mind, soul, heart and sometimes wallet are part of the business

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