Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Change In Motion

Easy Steps....

The change has 'come down' from command central. Your job is the make sure it gets implemented. What do you do ?

1..start the conversation with your group

2..explain the change or new need to get buy in

3..get the group working in the new way.  You will need to encourage, follow up, answer questions and most importantly, work in the new way.  You need to model the change, be the example everyday so that your team will see how important the change is to you, their leader.

4...ask questions of the team to find out how it's going? What are the obstacles? How can you remove them?

5..provide the feedback to others. This will help your team be heard as well as provide new insights for the change-developers...possibly helping others eliminate obstacles along the way to implementing the same change.

6..celebrate successes. Build milestones into the change process so that the team can see progress along the way.

7..move on to the next one!

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