Sunday, October 24, 2010

The E's of Leadership

Energetic-almost to the point of overwhelm, and can channel it to direct focus and attention to the right things
Empathetic-listens to and relates to the experiences of others
Enthusiastic-shows positive reactions and eneryg towards ideas, commitments, accomplishments and plans
Eager-wants to get moving
Eyes-listens with them as well as sees...a lot
Earth-connected, a center point
Ethics-has them, lives an ethical life
Effort-gives to the max
Edge-likes to walk a fine line sometimes, on the edge, also can. Be edgy in ideas, thinking, trying new things
Effective-gets things done
Encouragement-always has a word of support ready, can see when it is needed
Engaged-locked in, a vested interest, present
Enjoyment-gets joy out of all aspects of life
Enterprising-tries new things, looks for the out of the ordinary
Equality-treats people equally
Evaluates-people, projects, talent, teams and then makes decisions on how to best utilize what or who has been evaluated
Experience-has it, shows it, always looking for more

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