Monday, October 18, 2010

The C's of Leadership

Constant - applies a particular amount of energy to everything
Consistent- the same, always
Character- what they are made of, their values
Competitive- with themselves , with others, in the business, with the team
Compassionate-cares for others
Care, including careful- thinks with the heart, thinks things through
Challenge-takes on, gives, meets, exceeds
Contemplative- thinks things through
Coach-guides others to find the best within themselves
Calm-still, thinking, contemplative
Capable -able, ready to go
Celebrate-looks for ways to show gratitude, underscore successes, be together
Charity- works for others who need them
Change-an agent, ready to switch, move, try new things
Committed-wants the organization and the team to succeed
Connected-linked to others, to the business
Credibility-acts with integrity, upholds reputation
Create- artistically works with others
Cultivate- builds, grows, harvests
Culture-values that keep the keel even on the water, basis for decisions
Caped crusader - sometimes they are just a superhero!

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