Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The D's of Leadership

Distinctive-known for something
Determined-works to get to the best result possible
Decisive- makes decisions
Daring-takes a leap, a risk, a gamble...simply tries
Do - action
Drive-push, passion, forward momentum
Daily-at it every day, without changing who they are
Dedicated-ditto above + emotional attachment
Definite-makes solid decisions without wavering
Delegate-knows how to get things done well through others, and others willingly participate because they realize it is in their best interest
Deliberate-action and thoughts on purpose
Dignity-has it, treats others with it, always
Demonstrates-walks the talk
Dependable- reliable
Desire-wants to, passionately
Detail-knows the answers are in the small things...searches through and understands minute information
Develop- builds people, business, relationships
Different -not the same as the rest
Diligent- works hard
Direct - does not beat around the bush

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