Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Last Work Day of 2014

Let's face it - today is really the last day of 2014 for work.  Even if you go into the office tomorrow, you are most likely putting in time.  It's an early day and you are planning for the evening's end of year festivities.

So today - take time to get organized for 2015 to start...

  1. get the files put away that have been sitting on your desk just waiting to go
  2. put the pens and markers in their place
  3. declutter the stuff that is making your workspace intimidating (to me, that means making piles of paper and books because I thrive when things are a little messy....just not cluttered)
  4. dust, vacuum or sweep
  5. clean the keyboard & screen
  6. wash off your desk so that it is fresh and clean
  7. if you are ambitious - re-arrange your furniture (I am going to do this!!)
It is amazing how, when you busy yourself with all the decluttering and cleaning, that ideas start to flow.  Watch out!  Have note-taking equipment at the ready.....

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