Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jingle All The Way

Time ticks on pretty quickly these days.
With the tinsel on the trees, offices decorated festively and gifts exchanged, it's almost time to get back to work.

How can you keep that feeling of joy, anticipation & excitement going all year round?  It won't be enough to keep the Christmas lights up or the jingle balls hung around the office will it.

How about trying a few of these things:

  • a monthly gift-giving session - share with each other what one person on your team has provided as a 'gift' to you....examples could include:  getting work completed before the deadline, collaborating on a solution to a client issue, baking the best chocolate chip cookies, listening .....
  • a tree board - use post-its to create a 'tree' every time a team member's birthday goes by - recognizing the day they were born, the most precious gift
  • give a quarterly pot luck to raise funds for the less fortunate (instead of only once per year)
  • have Christmas in July - a team building crafting session that donates the product to a local charity for the holidays - try knitting or crocheting mitts or scarves
  • ring the bells - celebrate client milestones and successes by jingling a few bells - the tinkling noise will certainly make you think about this time of year, and smile.

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