Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Gifts We Get

The time of gifts & giving.....
Do we take time to think about the gifts we get at any other time of the year?
And what do we do when we get them?

  • the gift of a smile on a tough day
  • the gift of a hug
  • the gift of someone's time
  • the gift of sunshine
  • the gift of energy, passion and commitment
  • the gift of encouragement & a listening ear
Acknowledging the gifts we get - through written words in cards, journalling or verbally articulating our gratitude is a start. 

The real way to be grateful for those gifts, is to pass it on.

Each year, on Christmas Eve, we attend Mass at our childhood church with my parents.  My sons - nearing and in their 20's - happily attend, just to see the smiles on their Nonne & Nonno's faces.  These are all gifts - reciprocated.

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