Monday, December 22, 2014

So, What Do You Know About 2014?

The season is upon us now
a time for gifts and giving.
As the year draws to it's close, 
I think about my living.....

These are lyrics from 'A Baby Just Like You' - originally by Frank Sinatra and more recently (still over 22 years ago, by John Denver & The Muppets)...and the words hit me every time.

I love music - and I listen especially to the words.  And I let the tears come to my eyes as they usually do.  So let's take a stroll through these words at this time of year....

When the last days of the year approach, taking time to reflect on the year that was gives us many things:
~ comfort ~ hope ~ ideas ~ longing ~ focus ~ understanding ~ opportunities for gratitude ~

and I am sure many more to think about. 

Reading blog posts, articles and newsletters from my online community connections, this is a topic that is featured multiple times.  I have also completed this exercise with my Mastermind Teams over the last few sessions in order to prepare for a solid start to the New Year.

Here is the process we followed:
  • with 2 worksheets, we focused on reflection in 2 ways 
    1. action (what did we do or not do)
    2. learning (what did we learn from the doing or not doing)
  • I spent time reviewing the year in notes from our sessions, visuals of our flipcharts and reminding each team member of what they did (it helps to do this exercise with someone who knows you and your business because they can sometimes see what you have already moved past even though they were valid accomplishments.)
  • Once we completed documenting the information, I asked each of them, in our individual follow up coaching session, 
    • what they could do with the learning and reflection?  
    • how can they apply this to next year's goals?
    • what have they left behind that is no longer required (as a goal or a commitment or comfort-zone)?
  • From here we are ready to flush out what's important for next year - the actions we want to take, and applying the learning to ensure we hit our mark.

Download your own worksheets & get started.  Let me know how you are doing.

Special thanks to Chris Taylor at Actionable Books - I adapted these worksheets from a great annual review he created and shared with his team, and his community!

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