Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Coach Needs A Coach

Yes, I have been remiss in sticking to my blogging schedule.
I have had a few notes and reminders lately.
Thinking this through....along with many other things, I have realized that 'the coach needs a coach'.

Example: this week I had an idea - and not sure if that idea was simply a way to avoid doing something that I am completely uncomfortable with or really a good idea that sits better with my brand, I texted a very close and smart individual to talk through the basics and get their feedback.

As a coach, I spend a great deal of time in the businesses of others, recognizing that I need to take my time to work on my own as well - walking my talk is as important to me as it is to my clients.  I am grateful that I have people that I can reach out to to get the coaching I need too.

So think of this - as a leader and a coach for your team - do you need a coach too?  Where do you turn for accountability or brainstorming or seeking new perspectives without going to your middle ranks and blurring lines for them (and for you!)?  Check out Fast Company for great articles on why coaches need coaches.


Frank Abbruzzese said...

Lora, always enjoy your perspective and thanks for being my Coach. I highly recommend Lora if you are thinking about a Coach because she really makes a difference!

Don't forget to ask about her MasterMind groups.

Magali SEEGMULLER said...

This is totally true ! Several times, a coach needs a coach too....Nobody is perfect. Noboby can take on his shoulders alone all the misery of the world. Sometimes we need also to re-center ourselves after having heard so many things and keep enough distance to avoid to be become to feel the same that the person who is front of us, being able to continue to help him/her.
To really work on ourselves can take a hole life depending of what we have been living and how deep is the injury and from how far it comes (can even be trans-generational)...Yes, I personally think that sometimes or at some moment, a coach needs a coach too.