Monday, February 18, 2013

Rushing the Plan

As you can see rushing makes everything blurry.  You feel like time is flying, but it really is not - you are simply overwhelmed or not using your time efficiently or have procrastinated to the point that everything is piling up.

We have all been there (and if you say you have not, then you have other issues) and the only way to deal with this is to learn from how we got there.  Let's examine the how's:

  • lack of planning
  • not understanding the amount of time things could take
  • getting lost in the flow 
  • finding yourself following 'shiny objects' and becoming distracted
  • prioritization needed review
  • someone hijacked your agenda and you found yourself out of time
Rushing - and blurriness - spend time each week at the beginning to ensure that you have built in some flex time so that you are not rushing to get things done.  Juggle if you need to, asking to move appointments (even if they are with yourself) so that you can ensure quality work and quality time to avoid the blurr!

More on the subject of rushing when it comes to relationships in a later post!

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