Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Weather Won't Hurt

Today is the day I, along with my great friend and blogging buddy Frank Abbruzzese are hosting a new group of business owners - startups, actually -  to help them understand the power of the MASTERMIND.

Of course, with the best laid plans, the weather can tend to interfere.  Overnight and right at this moment, while we approach our kick off time, the snow is coming down.  The driveway and walk have been shoveled twice and most likely will need a quick sweep by the time our guests arrive.

Think back to your opportunities in business over the last month - January has literally flown by.  What did you plan to do and did you get it done?  What weather-storms got in the way of your 'best laid plans' and how did you roll with it? As leaders and business owners, this happens all the time - except our reaction to what we cannot control sometimes overshadows what we can do with the lesson that is being given to us.

Think about your reaction to the changes in circumstance - did you get upset? throw up your arms and want to quit? call it off?  Or did you embrace the opportunity - and learn from what came your way?

Not only is this difficult for us a leaders, we need to teach others how to handle the 'weather'.  Taking time to debrief situations like this is critical to ongoing growth and success.

Update:  out of 17 people who confirmed attendance for today 11 showed up!!!!

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