Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today I am caught.
I am caught not doing a few things....

  • staying up to date on my blog posts
  • checking off my calendar what I wanted/needed to get done
  • creating a pile of stuff to follow up instead of doing
  • ....the list can go on.....laundry, kid's follow up for school ......
What to do when you get caught to?
and then stop whining and wondering what happened, you know what happened, just like I know what happened and instead get started again.
Re-prioritize and perhaps today is the day to put in an extra couple of hours to clean it all up.

It's okay.  Really, it is.
We are human - leaders and those we lead alike - forgive yourself and get going again.

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Magali SEEGMULLER said...

Dear Lora,
Sometimes its just amazing how life gives you exactly the messages and/or answers you need to get at the right time....through any mean (for example: via the blog of somebody or during a conversation with friends or even with people you never met)....
This is just what I had to hear today and how I am feeling today....
Have a nice day,
Best regards,
Magali S.