Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graduation Lessons

Commencement speeches abound. Do you remember what was said when you graduated from high school, college or university? Things about roads, paths, journeys, crossing, becoming oneself, being true to oneself, staying open, becoming the future we design.

What were the words?

I have been paying attention in the media to the coverage of famous people..presidents, republican candidates,actors, CEOs, all giving commencement addresses.  Do you think because it was a famous person you will remember their words?

Here are the words I remember most...and I believe it was because I was ready to hear them...and they came from our valedictorian:
' go out and be up yourself, remember who you are and let you guiding light be from your heart'
This is truly the goal and the base leadership. Your heart guides you to be who you are.  

What do you remember?  Do you still use it today?

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