Friday, June 22, 2012

Puppet Master

This is the leader who thinks they know everything! Ever met one of those?
This is the leader who micro-manages.
This is the leader who does not allow people to do their job, changing priorities along the way.
This is the leader who needs to have access to your Outlook calendar to know what you are doing every minute of the day.
This is the leader who is insecure in their role.
This is the leader who believes they influence because of their title, not how they lead.
This is the leader who is not a leader but a manager (and not a good one at that!)

What to do?  Meet with them and ask what the concerns are about your work.  Explain that you are feeling micro-managed.  This may help the leader realize what they are doing.  Micro-managing is a trait of new leaders who are learning to juggle all the new responsibility they have - help them out by pointing it out.

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