Monday, June 18, 2012

The Apple of My Experience

I love technology. Exploring all things new. I am typing this blog post on my iPad 3 with 3G.  I had the original iPad because my husband thought it would help me with my client notes and meeting...he was right (and he knows it!).  So time comes to explore this latest version so we hit the Apple Store on one of our trips to Toronto.  Needless to say, service over the top.  My favorite thing is, without you even realizing it, the service associate is getting your order ready.  And in true Apple fashion, the resources are clean, simple and at their finger tips...inventory included!  

So we proceed and I decide to purchase the regular iPad 3, without the 3G figuring I could use my personal hotspot on my iPhone.  Transaction completed with a handshake and a smile for both of us.

I get to play with the iPad 3 before going out of the evening and I cannot get the hotspot to work.  I can The Support Line and the person on the other end of the phone is truly helpful. Even though his processes are not working ( My iPhone is the problem...just an aside, I love how all the Apple technology words have the correct spelling on this tool).  My new friend in Support qualifies my usage plan for the iPad and suggests that perhaps, in my best interest I should invest the extra dollars in the 3G. He even explained the best places to get my 3G set up.  He made a note on my file and we signed off.

The next morning, and although this was a little inconvenient, it was my fault because I should not have second guessed myself and gone non-3G, we trekked off to another Apple Store.  I also had the beginnings of a vertigo episode and was feeling quite awful just to make matters worse.  We walked in, were approached quickly by a very sweet Service Team Member and she took care of my exchange within 5 minutes, back out the door without having to ask for approval....she was truly empowered to take care of me.

Why all this? Well, if you have been a Leadership Solstice reader for a while, you would know that I read the Steve Jobs bio just before the New Year.  My experience was exactly what he would have been proud to have 2 different stores, truly the same exceptional experience.

Look at the service your team provides.  Are they empowered to take care of the customer or are there numerous obstacles in the way?  Is your team held account able for taking care of the client or do they pass the buck higher up every time?  Think this one through.  What do you have to do to fix this?

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