Monday, June 11, 2012

Culture Shifts in Airport Attitudes

Do you travel? I travel.  Been to a few different airports over the last month and have noticed an extreme change in the attitude of airport employees.  This is a huge positive change...greetings in the security line, compliments on my shoes, chuckles with the little kid in front of me, joking with me because my boarding pass was on my iPad and more.  Not in just one airport, but 3 and once extremely early, once in the middle of the Friday evening commuter rush!  I have to say I was and still am impressed.

Is this because it was sunny out?  Did everyone take happy pills?  Not true I am felt and looked genuine. These people were actually enjoying their work.  Even the security officer who had me go back through the metal detector 3 times, each removing a different piece of jewellery....she made a game of it...let's see which will not buzz!  I was therefore not embarrassed, people behind me, while having to wait for me as the ping pong ball, seemed to relax because they probably felt they would not be hassled either and became patient.  

It's a culture shift.  Knowing the aggravation because of increased security measures and understanding that happy employees make happy customers, all of a sudden this shift is becoming a reality.

You can see this especially if you read through The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni and his discussion of the healthy organization.  You will have happy people when your organization is healthy.  More evidence exists if you look at, Indigo, any Apple Store on the planet (more on this experience later) and I am sure that you have many other local examples.

Take some time over the next week to recognize the culture shifts in the places you frequent.  Is there a shift that needs to take place in your organization?What can it look like,why do you require his shift to happen?  

Looking forward to seeing your examples....I love to try out new places!

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