Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Help

The HelpHave you seen this movie yet?  My husband and I went last week. I have not, in a ver long time, sat and watched the movie credits through to the end.  The entire crowd in a very full theatre sat through the credits.  We were all in awe....or waiting for something to happen next and it never did.

Why is 'The Help' a subject in a leadership blog?  Go see the movie.  It is about change - changing times, changing attitudes, changing believes and the difficulties that come with change - getting others to understand the change, being the lone trailblazer, against all odds sticking to your beliefs, your values....holding your values up and holding onto them in the face of crisis and emotion and knowing that you could run and be just like everyone else, or be yourself.

An amazing story.  An eye-opener.  A true miracle to watch.

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