Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leadership Windsor Essex

I have been so fortunate to be selected for the 2011-2012 class for Leadership Windsor/Essex.  The class of 25 amazingly unique individuals is a wonderful mix of private, not-for-profit and public sector leaders that want to learn about our community and how to use their leadership skills to make a difference, continuing to propel our region forward.

This is the 10th year of this great organization that is a part of the Canadian Community Leadership Network.  There are already over 200 alumni.  We just got started on this 10 month journey (so you will hear about it monthly because I cannot help but share!)  and already I have learned so much - about myself, about the community in which I live and work, and about the fellow leaders in my class.

We started off with a retreat - full of activity and discussion.  Lots of trust exercises, questions and relationship building activities.  It impressed me how easy it was to get to know people who have such a common focus.  While each of us may have a different aspect of community service we would like to tackle, we are each focused on the future for our area.

I have said it before - it is about the 'click'.  'Clicks' were happening all was almost electric, the amount of energy that was generated through discussions and brainstorming.  Part of the focus of this class and journey is the ability to take action in the community.  We were presented with 6 good options for Community Action Projects (CAP) - and with a team, you are able to select a project that gets approved by the Executive Director - Becky Parent (awesome leader - by example!)  Once approved, you are off to work on this project along with attending learning days that highlight the opportunities and challenges that we face together and can hopefully create positive change....whether now or after our class.

What an adventure.  As an entrepreneur (and team of 1, sometimes 1 and 1/2), it can be difficult to make time to develop myself.  Leadership Windsor Essex is a commitment to myself and my own development - taking time out to learn and grow in my community with super people.  It is also my time to be part of a larger team - something that I recognizably missed and my eyes were opened to that as the retreat weekend went along.

So looking forward to telling you more about my experiences.  I would love to hear about your community leadership experiences.  Post them here!

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