Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happiness Delivers

Doing research for a client, I cam across a fabulous resource at LexBlog - .
I ask for information and was promptly answered (same day, in less than 2 hours) and given time for an appointment to get even more details.  The call was awesome, and even better was the alignment I found between my company and LexBlog.
On their Please Advise page - support and service blog, I found a post from July all about Delivering Happiness and the Hsieh story.  If you have been reading my blog here, you know Delivering Happiness is one of my all-time favourite reads - to the point where I even toured the Las Vegas office.
We had a great discussion on the phone about the book and the tour and how companies are built through culture that resonates all the way to the last word.  It was wonderful!  Kevin O'Keefe - you are on my list of favourites - thanks for what you have developed!

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