Monday, September 26, 2011

Announcing Leadership DNA

Leaders are people.  People have DNA.  So therefore, leaders have DNA. 
All DNA is not the same.

Announcing the Leadership DNA Workshop Series from Solstice Group.
I am happy to announce this 5-part series that will give you a new perspective on your leadership - how you lead, who you lead, why you lead and more.

Making this 1/2 day per month time investment will help you to build highly engaged teams, drive increased revenue and attract clients like never before.

The 5 Workshops are:
  1. the Visionary Leader
  2. High Performance Leader
  3. A Leader's Influence
  4. YOU: the Leader-preneur
  5. Leaders Connect
You have the option to take one or two of the workshop series or take all five.
Currently all workshops are scheduled for in-person events in Windsor, Ontario.  Please let me know if you would like to participate online - I would be happy to share this with you by webinar series.
Click here to see all the details.

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