Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Right Foot, Left Foot

Which foot do you start with when you walk or run?  We tend to favour a specific starting point. And it goes with the saying 'put your best foot forward', well is that the right foot or the left foot.
When we learned how to walk, it goes in order, one foot at a time, right?

What does all of this have to do with leadership?  Feet in leadership? 

Absolutely - people follow leaders  - this is usually an action that takes place with your feet. 
Leaders need to 'walk their talk' - give action to their words.
My favourite is LBWA or CBWA (Leading by Walking Around or Coaching by Walking Around) - getting out into the trenches and being with the team, encouraging, supporting, eliminating roadblocks...and the rest.
So which is it, right foot first? Left foot first?  Best foot first?
And how do you show others how to do this too?

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