Monday, July 25, 2011

The Job Change

There comes a time when things have to change.  Triangles turn into rectangles, squares into circles and the round hole no longer fits your newly formed square-peg-ness.
Not easy the change jobs.  There are usually a lot of factors that come into play.  Having experienced this in my household recently, there were many interesting lessons to learn and look back upon.
  1. This change affects everyone in the family, including growing teens.  They need to understand how this change will affect them (of course) but in our situation, more to understand that this was the right change.
  2. Consideration was given to the question of "are you changing one set of stressors with another?" - lipstick on the same pig syndrome.  Fortunately, not.
  3. Was this a change going to be a challenge? In fact, after thinking about it, it created energy and excitement and anticipation versus the dread of the current situation.
  4. Finally, could anything be done to rescue the old situation?  Answer - NO.
Timing, patience, and accepting the flattery from being head-hunted all create many questions for which the answers are only within.  Discussing and working through pro's and con's really helps to make this decision clear and long-lasting.  At the same time, the openness showed the family how important they are in the process as well as their input to help ensure that everyone was on the same page.

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