Thursday, July 3, 2014

Discovery in Action - the Mirror Test

Every now and again, we all need a reminder.
The reminder is to look in the mirror and really see what is staring back at you.
Due to the blessings of a few great relationships, and some honest conversations, I have remembered to look in the mirror.
And it is at the right time too!
This time of year is when I review my progress - personally and professionally.
I also use this time of year to reset my goals, and start to plan out next year - great to dream in the Summer!

Here is what I have discovered & started to do: (simply because discovery means nothing without action):

  1. I discovered that I had not accelerated my own personal development at a rate faster than what I expect of my clients.  What have I started:  to read, read & read some more - this enhances my learning, I love to read, and I am much more in tune with finding even better nuggets to share with my clients. (currently reading 3 books at a time on different subject matters, along with book summaries that help me choose where I should dig in)
  2. I discovered that I need to update my website.  What have I started:  complete review of the site, including a audit by a few trusted advisors.
  3. I discovered that I was waiting.  What have I started:  taking control and getting involved in pushing myself further and eliminating the 'stuck' in my business and personal life.
  4. I have discovered the ebb & flow to my business.  What have I started:  to review and analyze the next 6-18 months so that the ebb becomes an extremely small proportion in the ebb & flow of business.
  5. I have discovered new tools.  What I have started:  I consolidated the tech tools and cloud solutions that I was using to become even more efficient.  (at 95% complete on this one!)
  6. I have rediscovered my love of creation.  What have a started:  to capture my ideas in a better format and bounce them around right away with others - their advice is invaluable.
It's that mirror.  It makes us think. I like that unicorn.  Especially the badass part.
We can get so caught up in the everyday and every one else that we forget about ourselves.  
Look in that mirror and do a check.
Who is looking back at you?
What are you doing that you want to do?
What are you doing that you don't want to do?
What dream are you putting off?

If you cannot find those answers alone or they are all jumbled up in your mirror, let me know - I can help you sort that out.

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