Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Brothers Who Write in the Age of E-readers

In the world are all type so people. I am intrigued by this who write. Mainly because, I want to...and I can't seem to sit still one enough to do it.  So until that happens, let me share with you 2 people in my life who have tackled this adventure and are well on their way.

Meet Ed Roach: the Branding Expert...his Amazon release 101 Branding Tips provides clearly focused messages that attack the many issues of branding.  Each page is a tip...simple....with many applications.  I loved the book and have given many copies to clients, colleagues and business associates because of the relevance and ease of use.  A great reference tool for any marketer's library.

Meet Chris Taylor: President Of Actionable Books....his story is out on Publicizer, called Beyond the Picket Fence, about living life on your own terms.  Chris is a Canadian living inSpain running a super business and living his dreams (taking many of us along for the ride!).  I can't wait until the book arrives in my mailbox - learning from the many authors, speakers and leadership guru Chris interviews, he has formulated a plan to do what he wants, when he wants while still delivering the 21st leadership message.

What is your big hairy audacious goal?  a BHAG in Jim Collins-speak!  These guys have figured out one and I am sure they are onto the next!

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