Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Are You Ready to Capitalize on Opportunity?

I have been fortunate to be watching some of the 'beautiful games' of soccer/futball, with my son.  (what a joy & what amazing knowledge he has!!)  What continues to come to the forefront for me, with all the talented players on the field and off, is the ability to create opportunity to score that goal. Whether it is a passing play, a cross to a team member or a penalty shot, how each team works to capitalize on the opportunity presented is truly where the goals happen.  (Sorry if that sounds silly, but it was like a ray of light to me as I work to laser focus my business & work with my great clients - the relevance became quite obvious)

As leaders we should look at our teams in a way that can help us understand if they are ready to capitalize on the opportunities that are created:

  1. do they recognize the opportunity?  if not, what can we do to help them see, with clarity, what is staring at them as the next step?
  2. do they know the players on their team and their individual skills?  if not,  what steps will we take to ensure they know this going forward - the strength is in the numbers and the ability for others to step up.
  3. have we empowered our team & team members to make decisions in the face of opportunity?  we cannot be everywhere.
  4. do they know we trust their judgement? do they feel confident we are there to support them, no matter what the outcome?
Seeing opportunity for what it is - a chance to make a difference, a change is important.  Wherever we are in our world of work, life or community, those opportunities come across us everyday - what we choose to do with them with make the difference of 'goal' or 'no goal'.  

Think of the opportunities as they come to you today - is it a kind word? a large account? a moment that could begin a relationship? a smile? What difference will you make today because of opportunity & your choice to lead?  This is the example that your team needs.

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

Very good topic Lora! There Opportunities in the challenges and the losses. What can be learned and applied to create opportunities from these challenges?

It's easy to play the blame-game such as the Ref made a bad call or missed a call. As Leaders, it's up to us to keep the Team moving forward, focus on the goal and succeed.