Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Embracing the Weird

Any marketer you speak with says you need to build your own unique brand.
In exercises with a business group over the last few weeks, I have been examining exactly what sets me apart from the rest.

I have a brand (I know, it's all over my website, my posts, my social media etc!) and now the challenge is to really own it - to use the unique and weird wonderful quirks that make me and my practice different.  The goal is to make sure that I am clear as my business evolves.

You have to know that in the world of noise at all levels and in all forms of media, we have to fight to be heard (and noticed, and remembered!).  This takes heart and heartiness - and the embracing of those oddities (to others!) and craziness (to my kids) that make me whole.

How do you figure this out?  How do you embrace the weird?  Do you see that vulnerability and confidence in your team?  Do you embrace the weird and wonderful  - for yourself, of your team and even beyond that -  in your kids...and the rest of the family?

Not an easy task - and it takes time to let the you come out.   Let it.

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