Friday, September 27, 2013

The People in Our Lives

I liked this image of people....kind of interesting shapes, looking and moving in different ways and in different directions.  This is like our life & our leadership.  Especially our personal leadership.

I know I have mentioned in the past that I recognize that you cannot be two different people ---- one at work and one in your personal life - all of your attributes carry over.  Seeing the people in the image above got me thinking about this and family and teams.

Why family and teams, you ask?

  • Well, the people in the images all have similarities and yet, they are not exactly the same.  They are going in different directions and as families go, that happens as they grow up.   So at work, our teams can be thought of as a family - we may not all resemble each other physically but we are in the same place, of similar mindset/values and sometimes even dress alike with t-shirts etc.
  • Some people are moving and some are standing still. - examine your family and see where that is happening (you will be surprised).  How about your project teams or people at work?  This same thought applies.
  • Some are foggy, out of focus.  In our families we have people we do not understand or don't know what to make of them....they seem disconnected almost.  Some may have done this to themselves...and others simply by physical distance or by the fact that a virtual team is in place and they may never have met.
Funny how families and teams have such a great deal in when you layer leadership on top of how you lead in your worklife the same as how you lead in your family life?

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