Friday, September 20, 2013

Leaders Protect

One of our roles as leaders, parents and people of the universe is to protect (love) those around us.  Especially those for whom we have been given charge.

Thinking about all the tragedies that have taken place recently - the Boston Marathon Bombings, Sandy Hook, The Navy Yard Shootings and even Jeffery Baldwin at 6 years old make many hearts heavy and creates worry and sadness that is hard to work with.

I remember where I was at the moment the planes hit the Twin Towers all those years ago.  I know that I am fortunate to not have been affected as terribly as some.  I also know I was with my youngest son practicing emergency safety for bus transit as a kindergarten child.  His first full day at school with his full class.  To see the innocence and lack of understanding in the eyes of the kids mixed with the tears and gasps of the parents and teachers as we heard the news and prayed - I can still feel it today, and yes there are tears here as I write.

As leaders, our focus needs to be the hearts of others. If we can help them by protecting their hearts, we can create great leaders around us.

Protecting their hearts means focusing them on thoughtfulness and intention; on anticipating the results of their words and actions; to live with passion and do what they love; to listen, period; to be an example for others, mentoring and coaching others along the way even if that means having honest conversations; of learning to give first and expect nothing in return and of being aware that although dollars drive the bottom-line, people with hearts make the business beat and thrive.

Take time to think of those around you today.  Who do you protect?  We know we cannot protect them - any of them -  from everything.  Being grateful and being there is a great place to start.

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