Monday, September 9, 2013

Does Your Office Look Like This?

There are days when it looks like this.
There are days when it feels like this?
I like this image because at least all the stickies are colour co-ordinated and orderly.
I have a much more random look to my clutter.
These sticky notes usually represent a reminder of something you need to do or follow up.  By color there could be some level of importance or priority applied.

Just looking at this makes me want to clean my office!!!

So what can you do to stop the multiplication of stickies?

  1. Take a picture of your sticky notes and the scene they create around you.  This will help mitigate future sticky multiplication.
  2. Look at each one to make sure they really belong to you - not needing to be delegated to someone else.
  3. Talk through the prioritization with someone else to get their perspective on your opportunities and challenges.
  4. Do one at a time - you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment if you get one thing done completely and then move onto the next.
  5. Take a photo the new space minus the sticky notes.
When all the stickies are cleared up (or at least at a more manageable state), reflect on how you got there, using the before photo as an inspiration to jog your memory.  List 3 things you could do and attach both the before and after photos to the list.  Use this list often!!

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