Monday, December 24, 2012

Reflection Time

This is the time of year that many people spend tying up loose ends, finishing projects, planning for the next year.

It is also time for reflection -
take some time to think about a few things.....

  • What will you do about the things you did not like about the last year?  What changes will you make?
  • What did you LOVE about last year?  How can you duplicate that in years to come?
  • What opportunities did you seize?  Are you ready to seize the ones that may come your way next year?
  • Who came into your life?  Who left?
  • What is the one thing you will truly treasure - that you will hold in your heart and allow it to guide you forward next year?
Sounds mushy, I will thank me later if you simply read these questions over each day until January 1st.  I have been thinking about all of this - and grateful that I can.

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