Monday, December 10, 2012

Connect NOW

What are you waiting for? The time to connect is when you...
See someone
Meet someone - put their contact info in your phone
Walk past someone - starts a connection, and at least makes their day
When you overhear a I just did. Two very passionate individuals in the local Starbucks - I simply reached out and let them know I love their spirit and invited the Icarus Session I will be hosting on January 2, a lot of Seth Godin Tribe members.

So Connect. And do it immediately.
Do not put off what you know could make a difference for someone. After all, getting to know you is could be their hope, their solution, or just the challenge you need.

1 comment:

Frank Abbruzzese said...

Good reminder to act now! This is what people like us do naturally.

Enjoyed your connecting with new people at Starbucks story.