Friday, December 7, 2012

Future Leaders

Transitions are happening in organizations around the globe.  As time marches on, people age and grow...and it becomes time to 'pass the torch' of leadership.  How do you prepare for this eventuality?
This will become fact in your business - you will either close your company, sell your company or pass it along in succession to others.

Leaders have to face this fact.

Stop right now and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. who am I grooming to be future leader?
  2. do I have the capability within the organization or am I going to have to look outside?
  3. how am I developing this future leader?  is there an actual plan in place ON PAPER?
  4. in which activities are they participating to stretch them and tap into their leadership skills?
  5. am I focused on only their developmental needs or are those opportunities married to the future of the organization (trends, obstacles, forecasts)?
As the leader, part of your role is to envision the future and help the team/organization see it with you.  Take some time today to tap into this area of visualization - what do you see & how can you implement it?

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