Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a Wrap

Okay Leaders - the countdown is on.  It's Friday and the year 2012 is quickly wrapping up.
Here are a few things to do today to ensure that you wrap up those loose ends:

  • wrap up who you may have missed along the way that needs more development
  • wrap up who needs to move to new projects, new teams, new adventures
  • wrap up the clients that need to have all the details done by the end of this year - you have 3 more days
  • wrap up your goal list - what did you accomplish this year, how does it make you feel, what's left - will you move it to 213
  • wrap up your plans - you should have a neat little bow on your plans for next year - you should come in on January 2nd ready to hit the ground running
  • wrap up those thank you's - anyone you may have missed in the last week....time off, missed shifts, skipped emails and just general busy-ness could have caused this - simply go back and fix it
Helping your team see your leadership this past year has been critical to your success & theirs - be on top of it and finish strong!

That's a wrap!  Including my new website - check out - would love your feedback!

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