Monday, October 15, 2012

The Strategist

Penelope Trunk writes a great article in her blog about Strategists:
"Strategy requires thinking conceptually and creating something from nothing. So, for the most part, if you need to see something in order to do strategy then you are not doing strategy, you’re doing editing. 
Strategists usually favor thinking about the future instead of the present; strategists I admire are bored by what is and focus on what could be.
Also, strategy means constantly making decisions based on incomplete information. It means taking intellectual leaps of faith that could derail many departments in an organization, and doing that with confidence."
As a leader of my own business, my focus has moved towards evolution.  I took time during the last 10 months to simplify what I do.  In planning for the next 12 - 18 months, I realized I needed to have a better look at the focus I put on my work and where my true strengths + what I really love to do + I am good at it really lie.  When I look at Penelope's information above, I find my place....that + coaching.  
So, that being said, you will see a shift (soon) on the website and in my branding that focuses my direction and my business on strategy + coaching.  That means:
Plans + Coaching to implement
Goals + Coaching to reach those goals
Ideas + Coaching to put them into action
Perspectives + Coaching to see all sides
Clarity + Coaching to overcome the obstacles that enable risk-taking
I am really excited about this move forward and can't wait for your feedback. 
Have you taken time to look back and plan forward yet?  If not, the year is quickly coming to a close.  Get on it!  Let me know if you need a hand with it....I am happy to share my process and experience.

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