Monday, August 6, 2012

Jamoolie's Debut

This beautiful creature is a camel.  In Arabic "jummel"...hence the name Jamoolie!

What does this have to do with leadership and business?  Jamoolie is the product of listening and learning about others.  On a recent trip to a very cool store with a very cool person in my life, I came across Jamoolie.  I remembered that a client and now close friend collected camels.  Her office is full of them!  I thought I should pick this one up because I don't recall seeing one like it the last time I was there.

Jamoolie represents heart - the heart of a leader, the heart of a relationship, the heart that leads our heads to the right answer/relationship/step in our lives - business or otherwise.

Connecting with people is more than the giving and receiving of business cards.  It is an investment in time and energy to truly get to know someone.  Who will you truly get to know this week?  What difference can you make in their life simply because the of the investment you have made with time?
Share your plan and your accomplishments - investing time in others will truly change the face & shape of your business.

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