Friday, August 10, 2012

Do You LOVE Your Work?

Nadia Shousher is the owner and publisher of Windsor Business - a monthly business news magazine that targets our local area and features great articles, commentary and news!   Nadia attends weekly BNI Meetings to help connect, build relationships and market her business.  At these meetings she hopes to inspire and make people think through word games, puzzles and information.  At one particular meeting she read the following to the group:

10 Things I Love About Windsor Business

1.     There's so much juicy business news in this region, we don't have enough space to print it all. What a great problem to have!

2.     I get to learn all the ins and outs, twists and turns, developments and challenges facing local business well before they become public knowledge.

3.     Through the magazine, I get to meet so many interesting and smart people.

4.     I get to learn from all these smarty pants! How they got where they are, how they achieved their goals, how they face challenges and succeed.

5.     Because of my innate nosiness, I get to ask executives about the stuff we all want to know but don't have an opportunity to ask.

6.     Every day I get to ask questions, read stuff, write stuff, fix other peoples' spelling and grammar, and learn stuff -- all the things I love to do. AND I get to make a great living at it. How many other people are so lucky?

7.     I get to be affiliated with something that is well respected, relied on, and used every day as an important business tool. What an honour.

8.     The editorial integrity of Windsor Business and our ethical business practices are respected in a market that had yet to see such things when we started, especially in this industry. Talk about standing out from the crowd!

9.     I get to work with a great team of professionals: creative designers, photographer and cartoonist, strong business reporters, and Nancy (everyone's favourite BNI alternate).

10. Windsor Business itself. I love the magazine. I gave up a great life to move here and start it. I kiss it when it's delivered. I miss it when I'm away from it. I have nightmares about our clients and rejoice in their success. I love it!

A question for you - what do you love about your work?  Or do you even LOVE it?  If you don't then please explain why you are still doing that!

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