Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Already??

This week is always the week that as a family we start to get ready for Back to School.  Even though the boys are 14 & 19.....not really needing mom to do this with them, it is still our time together and we look forward to it.

As a twist, I went back to school last week.  I visited with my friends at GiANT Impact in Atlanta, Georgia. I went to learn more about helping leaders develop a framework that can propel their leadership to new heights, develop their influence so that their leadership words and actions align with their values.  This was completed in 2 different segments - LeaderTrack - about knowing and leading yourself - very powerful, moving and clear; and then Pruning to Grow - a team-based framework to help organizations create healthy, living organisms from the current business they have while developing a culture of examination and pruning to move forward with the best.

I was completely floored by what I learned, what introspection and reflection has developed as well as the grace by which the information was imparted.  Not only did we spend time with the frameworks for this transformational learning, I was fortunate enough to spend time with Jeremie Kubicek - the president of GiANT, discussing my own business, business model and the application of the new frameworks.  I am grateful for the discussion and insight.  This was an opportunity for me to sit on the other side for a change  - a good view from here....taking a step back to examine, make decisions and have a sounding board for next steps.

The most powerful piece of the few days I spent with GiANT came in the form of the comfort I felt being there - you know when you simply fit - the culture, the people, the words and congruent actions - truly a place where people are at home, working and living in their strengths and creating new ways to help others be their absolute best.

Does your work or workplace do this for you? For your team?  How do you step back and look at what you need to do to get there?

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

What a great experience and glad your "back to school" was a success!

Looking forward to hearing some of your new ideas. Thanks for inspiring us and helping us make a difference in our companies.

Already scheduled time to step back and look at what else we need to get there!