Friday, January 6, 2012

The Pace of Success

This is a guest post from my friend Chris Valentino... he took some time to evaluate what he has learned in the past and thought it would be interesting to share it with me.  I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share with you.  Thanks Chris!
What is the Pace of Success? How do you define it? Some may define success as making a certain amount of money. To other people, success may be helping children learn to read or even losing weight on an exercise program. However you define it for yourself, there is a certain path that must be taken. You must
follow the Pace to Success...

Step 1


To reach success, you must begin with “Passion”. This is the starting  point on your journey. You must have an unwavering love for the goal you are striving to accomplish. Passion is what will keep you focused on the end result when traveling the bumpy road you are sure to encounter. When these road blocks undoubtedly creep up, you must be willing to stay on track, and be willing to follow the course you have mapped out.

A road block can be a family member or friend who does not share your vision. A vendor who says no to your product, or idea. A publisher who rejects your book and won’t publish it. Did you know Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen heard “no” from over one hundred publishers, before one said “yes” to the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book?  Their shared passion to see their book printed kept them on course until they found a publisher that shared their vision.

When you are laser focused on your passion, it leads to…

Step 2


This step comes from the determination to push forward with your goal. The best ideas are useless, unless action is behind it to make it a reality.

It may a step as simple as making a call to an acquaintance for information, or reading a book to find out another step you have to take in your process.  You must be doing something to bring you closer to your end result. No action is too big or too small when it comes to seeing your idea become a reality. Do not overlook any action, you may have to take.

Be careful not to only look at the goal as your only focus. When you do that, it can seem overwhelming sometimes. This will only lead to frustration and may cause you to give up or lose hope on what it will take to
accomplish the goal.

A fantastic system to determine what actions will be needed is to work backwards from your end goal you are after. Purchase a spiral notebook and at the top of the page, write your goal. From there, map out every step you think you will have to take and work in reverse to where you are the current moment. Now your action plan is more manageable and will seem less daunting to you. By following your map, you will be less likely to get frustrated or overwhelmed. Be sure to allow room for other steps that will creep into your

As you follow the steps and take action, this will bring you too…

Step 3


One of the most important traits of a successful person is confidence. Just like passion, confidence is very important to see your vision come to life.

When people or events seem to be against you, there must be an unbending belief in your ability and skills to follow your path.  All successful people have a strong sense of confidence in them.  When they are told “no” or that it is not possible, they don’t settle for less.  The double edge sword, is some people may perceive someone’s confidence as arrogance or conceit but this is not always the case.

As we grow up, we were taught only certain people can accomplish certain goals. Society is taught to strive for mediocrity and live the life others think we should lead.  Many people believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and that we are risking getting hurt when we should play is “safe” and just go with the flow.  All of these teachings lower our self confidence and only those who break free from this mental trap will reach their goals and full potential. Society has become complacent with living their lives in a sedentary fashion because many lack the confidence to push their limits. It is easier to sit and watch television, rather than push your mental limits. The fear of rejection from friends and family sets in. Suddenly people worry about not getting approval from others to build a false sense of confidence.

What we must learn is that self confidence comes from within and not from others. As you conquer this mental programming we are taught from an early age, your confidence grows and leads you too…

Step 4


When all the proceeding steps fall into place, you will find a special form of energy flowing through you to keep you pushing forward.  You may find yourself working late into the night and not feeling tired because you have lost all track of time. The clock seems to stand still as you are in “the zone” and don’t dare
stop. You may miss meals and not even notice.  This inspired energy, the kind that comes from within is only
available when you in harmony with your true calling or destiny at that moment.  By tapping into this energy, your goal is sure to be reached. The Law of Attraction will come into play and attract what you need into your life and what the next step you to take will be. It could be finding an internet link, remembering an article you read before, or bumping into a colleague that can help you out.

You must pay attention to all the little happenings as they could be a large step towards your goal. This will also keep your energy flowing through you, as energy flows where your attention goes. Your imagination will come alive with child-like enthusiasm and will light your path with brilliance, showing you the steps on your path to your goal. Each of those steps will lead to more energy and enthusiasm, bringing you to your vision.

When you start with passion for an idea, than take action, and believe in yourself, and the energy builds, you are sure to find the Pace of Success.

~ where are you on your Pace of Success?  How will you use Chris's words to help you on your journey?

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