Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learn from Your Clients

Sometimes the student becomes the teacher.  This is also true about clients.

In the last few months I have mentioned Unique Abilities and have also spent time learning about what my clients and friends think of my unique abilities.  Not only that - I have spent time thinking through the best part of my day - always with clients, always interacting, always framing and creating a shift. 

By doing this I have found where I love to be on a daily basis.  What better way to drive my sales and bottom line than to spend my time doing what I do best, according to my clients and my unique abilities.  So off goes the lightbulb - what if I structured all of 2012 around that.  Simply doing what I love and know that I can get results with clients to help them be successful.  Great idea.

Here is what you can look for this year:
  • more Mastermind Teams in-person and online/teleseminar format - including a quarterly women's only group launching late Spring
  • 3 new programs only - Client Attraction, The Soft Side of Starting a Business & Get to the Heart of Your Business
  • new newsletter format (Notes to Self! - you may as well learn what I learn so that you can take best practices or avoid my mistakes!)
  • VIP Program called The Solstice VIP Group
  • product line of downloads for all existing webinar programs
Sounds like an ambitious 2012....and when you write it down, or type it out, it has a certain flavour of reality about it.

Good leaders know they need to take time to ensure that everything aligns  - whatever goals you have by department, they need to align with the overall corporate goals, align with the culture and values of the company and include the ability to stretch the team..develop people while reaching those goals.

What have you done to set up 2012 for a successful conclusion?  You know you need to begin with the end in mind.

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